The digitisation of Church & Village History; facility and event availability, and the digitalisation of communication and learning facilities.

The Project will involve the following:

For All Saints Church – using the St. Mary’s Church schematic: –

  • The creation of an on-line 360-degree Virtual Tour 
  • The creation of an internal Visitor QR code Tour – Audio / Narrative

For BOTH churches.

  • Deploy Augmented Reality within the respective QR Code Tours, in the form of a monk telling the story of the church and its community.
  • The purchase and programming of an interactive digital “welcome poster” screen for positioning inside each church – with a facility of 10 ‘touch’ points, will achieve the ever present need to advertise/ provide information on 
  • Local and church history 
  • the availability of Church facilities/amenities for the staging of events (training, fun activities etc)
  • services, groups (i.e., Bell Ringing/ Choir/ Sunday School etc.)
  • events happening in the Church and the Village

The screen will also provide the interface to explore the heritage and encourage the visitor to contribute feedback. More importantly, it will facilitate the opportunity of access by the local community encouraging them to directly register aspects of their history within, and knowledge of, the village into the Church archive. In so doing this creates a bond between the individual/ family with the church and the village and serves to maintain a collective interest in the well-being of the village. 

The recording of heritage will require the collection of photographic material, oral histories, written narrative, etc., of the history of the Church / village, which will be digitised. As a result, these innovative digital histories will not just be of compelling interest to historians, but primarily it is to attract and hold the attention of visitors (whether on-line or in physical attendance) to the Church,  the local community and school, enabling them to expand their knowledge of the important heritage of the church, and the village, by acknowledging their contribution to it, and therefore, encouraging them to spread the word, accordingly.

  • The creation of a 3D model of the Church by using photogrammetry
  • The development of the necessary web-site links to facilitate the new Elloe Stone Parish website. 


Training will be necessary for a small team of volunteers to undertake, to enable them to deliver informative workshops to promote the use of both screens by the wider community and children. In addition, digital recording equipment will provide us with the tools to engage with the community to capture personal recollection/ history of events, etc., for both the Church and Village archives.