Growing Blacksmithing

This proposal is designed to give better access to the Blacksmithing Craft at Chain Bridge Forge.  We will achieve this by “Physically” promoting Blacksmithing at the Forge and creating “Virtual Access” a digital simulation that can be accessed through the Metaverse and/or taken to special events and schools. This proposal will stimulate interest in this rural craft and the funding will make a step change enabling us to offer the following:

Physical Access

  • Support and subsidise the Blacksmithing Club so that we can involve more local people.
  • Enable the forge to attend events to talk about Blacksmithing, provide tasters and conduct demonstrations.
  • Provide free events at the Forge so local people can become involved. 
  • Expand our school programme so we can take Blacksmithing into more schools.  
  • Train more volunteers to support this proposal and give visitors better access to the Forge.

Virtual Access

  • Provide an updated digital simulation of Blacksmithing based on the demonstrator which was created in 2017. We will deliver this simulation using Metaverse. We believe this will appeal to a younger generation which have already taken to the television programme “Forged in Fire” which is an American Blacksmithing programme. The principles demonstrated in this television programme can be realised digitally. The digital simulation is authentic to the Blacksmithing processes but without the heat and the associated health and safety hazards. The Metaverse platform will enable us to monetise the offering and potentially achieve an income from the simulation.